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TikTok In-feed Ads Management

We are leading marketing agency based in Singapore and China with deep roots related to TikTok since its first venture into SEA. We have serviced over 100 clients for TikTok in-feed advertising, from consulting, advising, booking to execution management.

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Our weekly newsletters provide you with useful information for your TikTok advertising. These include TOP selling TikTok items, TikTok video skills, and marketing techniques related to Tiktok. Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter and improve your sales!

TikTok Hashtag and Branding Campaigns

We provide consulting, booking and planning service for companies and brands. TikTok's country wide brand take-over and hasgtag challenge campaigns help your brand to reach tens of millions in a few days, with compeititive costs as low as 500 USD.

TikTok is the No.1 short mobile video in Vietnam, as well as in over 50 countries globally. In January 2020, its Monthly Active User in Vietnam is over 13M with more than 15 billion views.

How we can kick start your advertising through TikTok.

We have a dedicated team in Vietnam with direct connection to Tiktok customer service and advertising management team. We have helped over 100 clients to advertise in Vietnamese market. Our services range from account set-up, optimization consultation, issue review and appeal, etc. We do not charge any fixed fees and you can start as low as 100 USD to try TikTok advertising!

We update to you latest trends and techniques.

Tiktok is about short videos and so should your TikTok ad videos and products. We publish a weekly newsletter for sharing of best practices for making a TikTok-styled ad and how to improve your TikTok ad ROI. We share with our clients detailed contents on how you can get the latest and easy-to-sell trending items from other countries, to grow their business easily. Visit our official Blog at: https://blog.mydigination.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of budget do I need to have?

    • TikTok is a result-driven advertising platform. You can start with as low as US$100 for a trial with us and only increase your budget once you are happy with the results. No fixed fee is charged.

  • What skills do I need to have for advertising with TikTok?

    • Nothing is required. You can have the TikTok backend to assist you with simple video creations out of pictures and photos. We also share with your the latest trendy video ads from other countries for you to learn from.

  • How do I get my content go viral?

    • Whilst there is no fixed formula for popularity, we do recommend having more than one video ads on TikTok, and let the TikTok Artificial Intelligence to work out the best video and best deployment strategy for you.

  • What is TikTok branding advertising and how it can be fit with my marketing campaign?

    • TikTok brand advertising targets mass-audience and reach of millions from your targeted audience pool in a period of a day or two. Popular campaigns for branding include hashtag challenge, branded effects and open-screen brand take-over. Choose branding advertising when you wish to broadcast your message to everyone!

  • What is performance advertising and how it can be fit with my marketing campaign?

    • TikTok's performance advertising (also called auction-based ad) is targetable advertising where you can manually adjust your budgets/targeting plans/materials to match with your marketing goals. Performance advertising is suitable for app downlads, online-selling products or SMEs business to reach an adequate volume of audiences at reasonable ROI.

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